From Blog to Brand

From Blog to Brand

Brew town apparel was started in late 2019 by Peter, Ryan, and Bryce, a team of former craft beer bloggers from Houston, Texas.

It’s surprising to hear that they had little intention to start an apparel company at the outset.

Focusing on the brewery experience over beer reviews, their blog started to gain some traction around the local scene. Patrons would visit the blog weekly to check out the extensive brewery event page. Concerts, trivia nights, comedy shows, farmers markets, runs, beer releases…you name it, they listed it…

...for all 70 breweries in the Houston area.

To grow the following, they would attend beer festivals and other craft brewery events around the Houston area and market their blog.

This is where the pivot to an apparel company began to take shape.

They decided to design a shirt to wear at the Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival in Galveston, TX - one of the most popular craft beer festivals in the nation. Taking a simple silhouette of the Houston skyline, they replaced a skyscraper with a beer bottle. The idea caught like wildfire. That entire festival, patrons were more concerned about how to get one of the Houston beer skyline shirts than to hear about the craft beer blog. 

So, they started selling the skyline shirt to meet the demand... and few more shirt ideas later, it was obvious...

This wasn’t just a blog anymore. It was a brand.

Today, Brew Town Apparel keeps the spirit of the craft beer experience alive through simple, clean, and original craft beer dedicated apparel. 


Peter, Ryan and Bryce