A Perennial/Side/Shared Project

A Perennial/Side/Shared Project

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One our team members visited the folks at Side Project Brewing. Here's a short look into how the brewery came to be, and how they continue to grow the Craft Beer world one "project" at a time.

Cory King, along with his wife Karen are the founders and owners of Side Project Brewing, located in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Cory’s first love was wine; the idea of starting a winery was short lived, knowing that the Missouri grape wouldn’t allow him to produce a quality product. 

But then came the omen when Cory’s brother-in-law got him into homebrewing. 

The knowledge allowed Cory to get his first job at a brewery as the brewer for Perennial Artisan Ales. In fact, you may be familiar with Perennial's Abraxas Imperial Stout... one of Cory’s homebrew recipes.

The owner of Perennial approached Cory and asked about his desire to start his own brewery. The vision was on. Cory began brewing for Perennial during the day, and brewed for his side project at night in a space he rented from Perennial. 

Not only would this side project brewing happen, but would officially be known as Side Project Brewing.

This arrangement worked well, based on the fact that Side Project is a 100% barrel aged brewery. Side Project wasn't motivated by cranking out beer as soon as possible. They leveraged the relationship and strategically released their creations at Perennial. 

Side Project’s first location was called the Cellar. This gave fans a location to sample and purchase their beers on a regular basis. 


Two of the brewers at Side Project expressed interest in having their own breweries. Sound familiar?  Cory and Karen decided that they could pay it forward, and create a mutually beneficial venture that would facilitate the dreams of their employees, , 

Shared Brewing was now a reality. 

It's interesting to note, that perennial means lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time. That infinite project line branched off into a side project, and in turn, became a shared vision.