Close to Home, A World Away

Close to Home, A World Away

The pandemic has hit the craft brewery scene hard. I'm sure anyone who reads this can name at least one brewery that has closed in their city or state. We count the days until we can drink shoulder to shoulder, toast a stranger and turn to go into a last minute thought. 

A close friend of ours here at Brew Town Apparel was taking a trip to Curacao to "get away" from it all, take some respite and escape. The island has reported low cases and is keeping resorts clean and safe. 

Being familiar with the island, we recommended a little piece of home - a small craft brewery on the island that many of the hospitality folks weren't even aware of.

To much surprise, a text was received from our friend...

"It's permanently closed"

So, as a middle finger to the pandemic - here's a short walk down memory lane. 


(This is a portion from the original post that was written for our previous beer blog)


There are many words to describe beer…

Hoppy, floral, citrusy, earthy, rich, full, dry…But now there’s a new one.


While pronounced the same, no, it’s not THAT word –

Dushi is the Dutch/Papiamento word to describe good things in life.

Located on the island of Curacao was a little piece of home for the craft beer enthusiast. Being a Dutch island, the usual suspects Heineken and Amstel were well represented. Curacao also had its “Bud Light”, a beer called Brion.

If you were to google craft brewery in Curacao you would have found a hidden gem appropriately named, “Curacao Brewing Co.” 

Located in a bungalow-esque setting, CBC greeted you at the door with a set of chalkboards, letting you know exactly what they’d be serving up the minute you walked through the door…they posted their beer on the outside of the door, like it mattered. 

Visitors would be greeted by Rex – one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable craft beer bartenders you would have ever met in travels abroad and even here in the states.

His English is even better than yours. Rex would describe each beer upon serving, its flavor profile, and the brewing process for your choice.

Rex loved to mention to American tourists that the owner makes frequent trips to the states, and has quite a love for the way we do craft beer. 

Of all the things that made CBC feel like home, the most familiar thing one would have noticed was the signage on the bar as you exited;

“Drink Local"