Is Brew Town a real place?

We tried to found a real town, but apparently it's "illegal" to start building on someone else's land. 

How was Brew Town Apparel founded?

Brew Town was founded in 2019 by a couple of Texas beer bloggers who got tired of saying, "That would make a great beer shirt"... So, they convinced their wives they needed yet another hobby. 

When will my order ship? 

Orders will be shipped out the next business day. Ex. orders placed Monday ship Tuesday; orders placed Friday will ship Monday. 

My shirt doesn't fit, can I exchange it? 

It's cool; like us, you hated to admit the beer has taken a toll on your bod and ordered a size too small. If it's too big...you're dead to us. 

Just email us at brewtownapparel@gmail.com with your order # and the new size you want. We will send you the new shirt with a return label. It's that easy.  Brew Town will accept exchanges within 21 days of purchase. If you don't return within that time, we have to re-charge you. Sorry, we have outstanding beer tabs to pay.

Do you accept returns with refunds?

Dude... you're worse than our wives. Unfortunately, all sales are final. Exchanges only. If you can afford craft beer, you can afford the shirt. 

How often will Brew Town come out with new designs?

Check back monthly... ideas flow as fast as the craft beer we drink! We have A LOT of ideas on paper. But, you can't wear paper.